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Now-a-days shaping human body parts or enhancing their beauty has become quite common. Everybody wants to look good and outward look is the only way of showing their beauty. Their figure can be beautiful if they modify their defective parts. For that reason they use ‘plastic surgery’. It is very popular method especially in celebrities. But if plastic surgery gone wrong then its effects can be very dangerous. I will try to aware you about those negative effects in this essay.


At first we must know what a Plastic surgery is. It’s a modern surgical method, where one can restore or improve his /her body parts as well as their functions. It comes from Greek word plastikos which means ‘to mold’. It helps you to mold or gives a better shape of your body parts through surgery. There are two types of plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is for reconstruction of damaged body parts. Cosmetic surgery is for enhancing physical beauty and looks.

Normally this surgery doesn’t have any major health risks. Headache, vomiting, nausea, and prolonged pain are some common effects after the surgery. Inflammation around the surgical area is also very common. However all these physical problems go away over time but psychologically it has much greater impact. One must be aware of the fact that this surgery cannot change the whole being rather only a part or two. You cannot look totally different. From a low profile you cannot posses a high one through this process. Then sometimes the process leaves scars which may not go away with time. This can have a great impact on the patient’s mind. Those who endure this process have the tendency to look beautiful. So a scar can give major psychological damage. Then again one, who goes through this process and successfully recovers his /her beauty, can undergo this process again and again like an impelled person. After that they may suffer from “body dysmorphic disorder” where they cannot be satisfied with any look.

It also involves several surgical effects whether the plastic surgery gone wrong or right. Infections, allergic reactions, excessive bleeding, drug reaction, pigmentation, implant rejection, blood clots, nerve damage, scaring, and skin necrosis are some common risks of this surgery. Those who are smokers or having certain vascular conditions can experience additional problems such as delay in healing process, increase risk of infection etc. There can be a risk of cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, allergic reaction etc. in the process because the surgery process includes the use of anesthesia.

You may be amazed with this information that cosmetic surgery business $10.1 billion in U.S.A each year. So you can guess the amount that will cost you to undergo one surgery. It’s really an expensive procedure which can put you and your family into terrible financial pressure and create complications.

Your skin is a gift of nature. You should have realized by now that plastic surgery can give you good look only for some time and after that everything will be gone. Your body, your fitness, your beauty, everything and if the plastic surgery gone wrong then the complications will be greater. You are perfect in the way you are now. No need to change. And if you want to go through the process you never know when the plastic surgery gone wrong but you have to suffer.